Sad Birthday | Stump Sohla
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Starring: Sohla El-Waylly
Director: Jessica Opon
Camera: Jessica Opon
Editor: Brad Cash / Jessica Opon
Producers: Andrew Rea, Sawyer Jacobs, Kendall Beach, Kevin Grosch, and Emilija Saxe
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  • Noah Crawford
    Noah Crawford

    When I saw the thumbnail I thought the cake was some kind of awesome dragon or something. Then, I read the title. Oh.

  • nekohvn

    she’s so sweet 🥺😭

  • T Borik
    T Borik

    I would have attended your 10th birthday with Nerds and Twizzlers. Namaste. you rAwk!

  • ImaginaryMdA

    That's actually pretty sad. And I can't stop laughing. XD

  • EstebanRD3

    I love how the music is also sad

  • nowa's art
    nowa's art

    i love this show, because it's basically: sohla is too talented to fail at regular cooking, so we need to give her hella challenges to even come close to stumping her. also her laugh. i would die for that laugh lemme tell you-

  • CrownJules

    So like are we ever getting more Stump Sohla or is that it

  • DodoSzabo

    I love it! It's the sleeping beauty cake of nightmares...

  • oncebluemoon

    "Little salt" {so much salt)

  • 1o1psycho

    They didn’t show the wheel stopping on sad and bday. I’m sad about that.

  • Bradley Baldwin
    Bradley Baldwin

    normally, "it's banana" would make it a happy cake:(

  • sri megawati
    sri megawati

    Did they just throw all the sad cake? Would be a big food waste tho if they did..

  • Boy Aditya
    Boy Aditya

    LOL .. first time I saw the thumbnail, I remember 'sleeping beauty' cake. Turn out it is! Kudos for making the cake looks like goth version of Fairy Godmother cake

  • Tranq_

    I love how his first reaction to a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich is “is this a trick?” 😂

  • Ristro44

    This episode is a masterpiece

  • Lee Sal
    Lee Sal

    I love that Babish was nervous to take a bite. 😂

  • oeo

    they way she shushes the ceiling

  • Samuel Emmett Bray
    Samuel Emmett Bray

    Thumbs down for hating on all-sorts.

  • Haydn Rester
    Haydn Rester

    I know it’s supposed to be sad but this makes me so happy

  • adakodok1

    When is "next time"? :(

  • carino suh
    carino suh

    my quince was sleeping beauty themed and we tried to get that cake for it but nobody could make it... very sad.

  • Howdy

    This is like if Lemony Snicket had a baking show

  • Pilar LH
    Pilar LH

    Does anyone know if she talks about how to make those homemade sprinkles somewhere?

  • Inb

    This is the first time I meet her, and I like her

  • Ancient Skull Kid
    Ancient Skull Kid

    10 year old me wants to go to 10 year old Sohla's birthday party and hug her and give her gifts and eat her cake.

  • Will

    *Kosher Salt*

  • Paolo Pasaol
    Paolo Pasaol

    Sad birthday? This collateral damage cake looks ULTRA appetizing 😋👌

  • Ava K
    Ava K

    The editing is *chef's kiss*

  • The Sedar Life
    The Sedar Life

    Did I just see an ad for your channel... while watching your channel?

  • Songs That I Believe In !!!
    Songs That I Believe In !!!

    Happy birthday Andrew!

  • LeavingIt Blank
    LeavingIt Blank

    I wanna know the fate of the marshmallow taffy.

  • Elizabeth

    why does she remind me of sadness from inside out?

  • Friday G
    Friday G

    I love how much more chaotic Sohla gets to be on here vs the videos on BA. She’s so funny and talented it’s wonderful

  • Heather Wood
    Heather Wood

    So wholesome. Love it.

  • Manuel Bustamante
    Manuel Bustamante

    I didn't know that Arcor sold candy outside of Argentina

  • nicksurfs1

    I hope the part about people not showing up to her birthday was for dramatic effect. If not, I want names!

  • Bubba Hotep
    Bubba Hotep

    Bad on you Babish! Racist anti-white, anti-male Sohla El-Waylly should be removed all forms of social media. On to my boycott list you go!

    • m r
      m r


  • Francesca Patti
    Francesca Patti

    Welp that's it I have to time travel and just attend EVERY SINGLE Birthday party Sohla ever threw 🤷 sorry thems the rules.

  • TheGammaKat

    That revel narration had me going. Tick tick tick tick. Momento Mori

  • Amy Ninh
    Amy Ninh

    Covid-19 Birthday Cake.

  • Yoake

    I can’t stand this lady. Babish is weighed down now

    • m r
      m r

      She's alright

  • ItsJoKeZ

    I'd come to all your birthdays happy or sad.

  • Zatul Zara
    Zatul Zara

    I am extremely "SAD" right now🤣. How can Sohla make something sad soooooo entertaining?

  • N Sharma
    N Sharma

    Sohla is so lovely ! 🥰💗 The whole team is

  • Jay Y
    Jay Y

    This is my favorite one. I keep coming back just to see Andrew's face after Sohla says "It's banana." The sadness was genuine, right there.

  • Xanthan Gum
    Xanthan Gum

    20:28 i lost it😂

  • Panton

    No cake, No friends, No gift and most imporant 'Nobody know my birthday' this is real saddest birthday party

  • Arlene Fernandez
    Arlene Fernandez

    Sohla, I would have 100% been at your birthday party and we would’ve eaten cake and prank called everyone who didn’t show all night 😂💙

  • Harry

    Plot twist the cake she gave him had banana in it and this is a military coup of this channel by sohla.

  • N K
    N K

    That is soooo Adam Driver.....the sad narration at the end....just sayin'

  • Se Kirk
    Se Kirk

    Sohla is so sweet! To stop baking because Jess said she missed fluffier nutter sandwiches. She seems like the most caring friend and so fun to be around. I haven’t stop smiling and giggling for the whole episode. Those people in her childhood really missed out

  • Grace


  • mysterious palmtree
    mysterious palmtree

    I can’t eat bananas either feelsbadman ;-;

  • Karin Cerovsek
    Karin Cerovsek

    1:18 everyone's least favourite candy?? It's my favourite, what do you mean?

  • Sunita Fisher
    Sunita Fisher

    🌸 Bassets all sorts liquorice is delicious 😋 That was wee bit mean 🥺😭😂

  • Gabriel Cáceres
    Gabriel Cáceres

    I like those candies

  • Mrs. Garcia
    Mrs. Garcia

    What a waste of cake

  • Abhinav Moudgalya
    Abhinav Moudgalya

    That cute b'day cap on Andrew's bald head.... hehehehehe

  • R E
    R E

    Wahhh, I would have loved to come to your 10th birthday, Sohla!

  • Scout L
    Scout L

    you’re hilarious, Sohla! “Just a little salt” but it’s a nice healthy layer. My kind a girl!

  • Texan Range
    Texan Range


  • Michelle Olivas
    Michelle Olivas

    Oh wow, never knew that over adding gluten would result in a taffy like substance...too funny. After watching this, I was inspired to go back and re watch a favorite and memorable canadian show for its super soft birthday party episode. Thank you very much for posting and having so much fun during filming.

  • Hillary

    Can we get some more volume on Sohla's voice please?

  • Destiny Moreno
    Destiny Moreno

    I love Sohlas personality 😂

  • Kana Mizuhashi
    Kana Mizuhashi

    This is the first time ive ever been confused by a title+thumbnail

  • Amy H
    Amy H

    Is it just me? Or did this cake resemble Disney Princess Sleep Beauty Aurora cake? But in a dark version

  • Hugo Santos
    Hugo Santos

    The way she describes the cake making it sound like the best desert you will have in years and how she shatters them in an instant for Andrew by adding a banana... That isn’t just sad, that’s pure evil... I like this. Give us more pls

  • Rucha Mushrif
    Rucha Mushrif

    Gosh that was indeed a sad birthday cake😂

  • Black Reaper _san
    Black Reaper _san

    Her: the wheal said this cake should be sad ME: that makes me sad

  • Travis Love Benson
    Travis Love Benson

    I bet your birthday parties were really cool and ALL THOSE kids missed out tbh 😔❤️

  • Asorcis

    my favorite youtube video i've seen in a while. so chaotic

  • imVi guess
    imVi guess

    I got a babish ad on this babish video

  • Matt Fletchall
    Matt Fletchall


  • mas8705

    I thought this was the cake from sleeping beauty, at first...

  • Redds

    title: sad birthday sohla: hahahahahaha

  • Heather Richardson
    Heather Richardson

    Friendly (sad?) reminder that activated charcoal can mess with the absorption of medications. Including birth control.

  • Mauricio Gonzalez
    Mauricio Gonzalez

    I love this series!

  • adueso

    sohla: *makes a deep cut on her finger making a kale salad* also sohla: 13:54 let me stab this balloon with a knife

  • ribbon ribs
    ribbon ribs

    The sad candy saying "I dont even want me" 💀

  • Amanda Rebello
    Amanda Rebello

    I was having an emotional breakdown and this video cheered me up. It is so unnecessary but exhilarating to watch. Love you Sohla💖 Have spent many a b'day alone by myself.

  • Collier

    The saddest part is that out of all the things she's made, the one thing that cuts her is KALE SALAD.

  • sergeant indie
    sergeant indie

    Grey baked goods. I see Sohla is taking a page from the David Mitchell Bake-Off playbook.

  • dylan orick
    dylan orick

    Salt on a fluffer nutter is a game changer.

  • Michelle Bressette
    Michelle Bressette

    Where can I get Sohla's apron?

  • natasha jade
    natasha jade

    Why is no one pointing out the sleeping beauty reference? The mop!

  • Fougère Richard
    Fougère Richard

    This is the 1st day of my period I can't deal with your heartbreaking story about your tenth Birthday, it has bulldozed my heart

  • rainingsunshine

    my own private birthday cake 😔

  • Xynthar Gaming
    Xynthar Gaming

    Stump Sohla just seems like such a wonderfull person

  • JaiProdz

    How do they film/produce these under COVID?

  • Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas
    Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas

    I don't understand why activated charcoal is being used in cooking. You could just use regular charcoal. It has the same coloring WITHOUT it absorbing the nutrients and medications inside your stomach.

  • Chaos Creator
    Chaos Creator

    "The fact stands--" Unlike the cake

  • Angela Isabella
    Angela Isabella

    petition for the crew to throw sohla a birthday party

  • katia alami
    katia alami

    Sohla's "Scrape the paddle!" is Gordon Ramsay's "Hot pan ! Olive oil !"

  • Sofie Behr
    Sofie Behr

    why cant babish eat banana is he allergic

  • Sarah Abel
    Sarah Abel

    We need a gif of 1:27... *shakes head* “it’s just terrible” 🙃

  • germanpunk101

    Am I the only one wishing we could give Sohla the 10th bday she deserved?


    It is your birthday

  • 펀FUN한 편집
    펀FUN한 편집

    이게 그 빗자루로 뚫어 버렸다는거임? ㄹㅇ ㅋㅋ루삥뽕

  • LoveMyUnusual

    I mean...I know it's supposed to be a sad cake, but I love the color. 😄🖤

  • Amelia Haugh
    Amelia Haugh

    This was part of a scene from the Sleeping beauty cartoon... Sohla got some skills