Binging with Babish: Macarons from The Mandalorian (ft. Jon Favreau!)
This week, the creator of The Mandalorian, the founding father of the MCU, the man/myth/legend himself, Jon Favreau joins us to discuss some recently-spotted blue macarons being snacked upon by The Child. What do they taste like? Are they an homage to blue milk? Can I get cast in the next Marvel movie, perhaps as a superhero with cooking powers? Only one way to find out.
Preppy Kitchen Macarons:
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free / "Murmuration" by Blue Monday
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    Babish Culinary Universe

    This is the way.

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  • Willow Yong
    Willow Yong

    “Pulling perfect Padawan Pastries” I love the alliteration

  • kaduzy

    My OCD can't take the one missing macaroon on the tray.

  • Ngaire Taylor
    Ngaire Taylor

    What can u use if you are allergic to nuts (especially almonds)? I heard that rice flour can be used - you just need to add an extra sweet flavour.... like using maple syrup sugar or cinnamon? I have also heard that the almonds can be replaced with macadamia nuts? or white corn meal?

  • April I.
    April I.

    Help! Made both recipes. The wafer/simple version came out perfectly. The macarons, while delish, were more of a baked meringue bite than cookie. Follwed recipe & weights........suggestions?

  • Danilicious Beers
    Danilicious Beers

    this is so sweet

  • Emmit Stewart
    Emmit Stewart

    Now we just have to make some blue milk to drink with the blue cookies.

  • Raymond Noodles
    Raymond Noodles

    he looks like the guy from spider man

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    Sunshine Sue

    Macarons are my favorite! They look like “Tiffany blue” macarons

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    Kru Bauby

    And don’t forget chef

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    Megan Koutroubas

    This was the hardest recipe I've ever done. So worth it though

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    Orson Dong

    You see, I don’t like cooking so then why am I watching this at 2:00 am

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    Franciswin Estores

    Have you seen chef?

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    Crab Squid

    I just wanted to learn how to make macarons and color is hem blue, but now I know how make them as accurate as possible

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    Kenny Plop

    macarons? I got a feeling a ladybug hinted at what food is next

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    Andres Montoya

    Jon Favreu with a Disney shirt is next level branding

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      @Ordinary Otto alright thank you george

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    Scott Uto

    I preferred when you didnt see baish's face

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    My bet is Jon decides to go all out with some food scene in season 3 and calls Andrew himself to issue the challenge.

  • Mr.Electro

    He looks like happy from iron man

  • Sweet Cthulhu
    Sweet Cthulhu

    Jon cares about the fans

  • PrettyH8Mach1n3

    I love macarons but I don't know that they were ever "rich." I mean they were calorie dense (being almond flour, sugar, egg whites and a sweet fruit or confection related paste/ buttercream), and delicious... and cost quite a bit each, but I could eat 12 of those in a go rather than 2 with tea if I wanted to. I mean I didn't...but I could...and I wouldn't throw up.

  • Mark Darragh
    Mark Darragh

    Make a cookie for Gina Carano now please....

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    Justell Mutia

    Finally someone pronouncing Macaron as Macarón not Macar(ooo)n

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    Babish should have his own cameo on season 3

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    Adam wouldn't be happy

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    Your girlfriend is lucky

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    Ah yes the French Oreo

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    Gruntslayer 35

    I like how Jon essentially said whatever simplified recipe he made would also be canon

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    This is the way

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    Mah name a Cheffff

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    King BG

    We all know him for playing Happy

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    Wow that guy was super nice!

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    KIRBO knows all

    It very blue

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    Rogue Guardian

    They put that much thought into the cookies for the show?!

    • K3th. B.W
      K3th. B.W

      Their funded by a Disney budget

  • Mark Richards
    Mark Richards

    I'm not sure how I missed this video. That was certainly remarkable. Well, now Babish has something Chef John from Food Wishes doesn't have. It's not a competition but there still must be a scorecard somewhere.

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    Jon Favreau is one of the classiest men in Hollywood.

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    Someshwar Rao

    Broke: Macarons Woke: Padawan Pastries.

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    Aye its happy

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    I love that Jon is using the term "baby Yoda"!

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    David Gray

    4:42 PronunciationManual moment

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    Bruh it’s Xiphos

    The easy replacement didn’t look like it at all

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    I can't believe he actually threw up on his show. XD

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    That Platypus Guy

    Jon reminds me of Tommy Bechtel from New Rockstars

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    Miracle Winchester

    If I weren't already subscribed, the macaron puke would have sold me over

  • Gerald Meccia
    Gerald Meccia

    is that a Mandalorian or mandolin glove in the mixer bowl reflection?

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    Connor McLernon


  • Lyssa Cusano
    Lyssa Cusano

    Mac row nage'. The mixing technique

  • James Koss
    James Koss

    Jon Favreau calls him Baby Yoda rather than 'The Child'... the internet once again proves to be too powerful

  • Jake Richardson
    Jake Richardson

    when u gonna do frog spawn

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    Peter Pacoutas

    Adam Ragusea is currently screaming after watching this video.

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    Mod EfyeR

    Have you seen Chef?

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    Ricardo Ronco

    Who here after watching Adam Regusa video to feel high off the whiplash?

  • DaDiddyGames

    I thought these were gonna be the ones from Spongebob

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    Jon isn't a bad man crush he brought back star wars, and also started the MCU.

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    maple leaf

    Dav2d will agree with this.

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    Bee-Bear Gaming

    This is my favorite video u ever done.

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    my namea chef

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    i have to say i legitimately appreciate that Jon took into consideration the cost of the cookies and the fact that normal working class people are going to be making these for their children.

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    meatballsahoy 92

    Have you seen chef?

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      Jet Man

      chef by jon favreau?!

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    D. Bass

    They should put babbish in the background of an episode as a 4 armed Besalisk chef or something. Thatd be amazing.

  • L.K. Spo
    L.K. Spo

    I love that you always tributes others when you use their recipes!

  • Beer N Metal
    Beer N Metal

    I've only made them (3 times) using the Italian meringue method. Is there a noticeable difference in texture/taste?

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief

    is that happy hogan from marvel 0:15

  • the invisible me
    the invisible me

    What is the smell of insanity?

  • Nilly K
    Nilly K

    You could have used natural blue spirulina powder. It's actually healthy in comparison with regular food coloring.

  • Pie In The Sky
    Pie In The Sky

    It’s genuinely lovely that Jon Favreau is paying so much mind to the child audience of the show

  • Katherina Joy
    Katherina Joy

    If he’s making food from Jon Favero movies does that mean he has to make cheeseburgers from Iron Man?

  • Greenspy008

    i'll be watching closely for your season 3 cameo

  • Cleon Aristo
    Cleon Aristo


  • InvictusByzantium

    I'd say the expensive version represents the actual prop, the cheap version represents the in-universe food that a kid had an entire sleeve of.

  • Lord Willshire
    Lord Willshire

    Home boy paying tribute to his Disney overlords with that shirt

  • Angi Dudas
    Angi Dudas

    This is so wholesome and lovely and filled with such love it made me cry.

  • C Nish
    C Nish

    Tried this myself. Macarons turned out great BUT the butter cream just tasted like sweetened butter. Didn’t end up putting it on the cookies cause it just didn’t taste right. Feel like I did something wrong, not sure

  • ArchesBro

    WOW, they look delicious

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    Jonathan Bautz

    They look delicious. I have spoken.

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    These are excellent. Thanks Babish!

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    DJ Drake

    First recipe using metric units Me: *Happy noises* Second using cups: Me: *Confused noises*

  • Charlie Wang
    Charlie Wang

    Who made this and actually got it to look like a macaron?? My macarons represented my tears when they came out of the oven. (tears of sadness not happy).

  • Owlperson

    The man directed the film that started the MCU and created The Mandalorian, what a genius.

  • Cairo Herrlinger
    Cairo Herrlinger

    Ironically, when you said "macawrong" that was probably the closest you got to pronunciation. Hahahahaha!

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    Cameron Macdonald

    have you seen chef?

  • Disney Recipe Reel
    Disney Recipe Reel

    Perfect padawan pastry. Yum.

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    M.C. Darwin

    My man invited you on set! What a great guy!

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    The Great Chimera

    I love how Jon even refers to Grogu as baby yoda

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    All I can see is that bluesy

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    rocker 76\m/

    Baby Yoda would approve....."Patu!"

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    I wanna make macarons but I own no fancy cookware. . .time to go break my arms mixing, wish me luck!

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    richard bakanen

    The illegal blue daily bat because dinghy incidentally flood pace a psychotic octopus. deserted, weary feature

  • A K
    A K

    Can you do some recipes from Netflix's Hilda? Sparrow Scout vegetable broth?

  • A K
    A K

    What about a roasted kowakian monkey-lizard???

  • Monkeyingyang

    Great recipe, I made these with a hand mixer and the tired delts were totally worth it, the macaron shells came out great! However, the delicious French buttercream recipe that is paired with it, I think should be halved. For 32ish macaron sandiwches I used about half of the buttercream, and dropped a little bit of citrus curd into the center of the buttercream dollops.

  • Lorenzo Favilli
    Lorenzo Favilli

    I'm having trouble getting the right color... What kind of food coloring did you use?

  • Syde


  • WaterWarrior36

    your cough at 4:42 blew out my speakers

  • Alex Moon
    Alex Moon

    I guess you can call him MANDOrons

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    have you seen chef?

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    Nerd 1743

    You just nonchalantly have Jon freaking Favreau on your show like I’m freaking out. How are you calm?