Chicken Pot Pie | Basics with Babish
The autumnal equinox has long since passed, the fall is upon us, and we must pay tribute. And how better than with a bubbling-hot, veggie-packed, rib-sticking chicken pot pie? Pumpkins are passé, apple-picking is pointless: let's prevent a prosaic pie and properly celebrate the...period in time that it is. Which is fall.
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  • Atharvax!

    6:01 Listening to Babish say "The Thickening" while high is awesome

  • Mulberry Witch
    Mulberry Witch

    Did no one else see the ghost close the oven door in the lower right-hand corner of the screen at 9:27?

  • niel

    4:02 "pea sized peaces" hahahha ok ill leave/

  • Crispy Chaos
    Crispy Chaos

    I love how when you don’t know what to do you refer to America’s Test Kitchen.

  • Pending Author
    Pending Author

    Clicked the video thinking; I could totally do this. First second of the video: rip out the chickens spine-changed my squeamish mind really fast.

  • Stella Arlo
    Stella Arlo

    Does anyone know if I could use store bought puff pastry for the crust? I hate making pastry crust but I don't know if puff pastry is right for this.

  • Leonard Santos
    Leonard Santos

    The smile is hilariouse yet creepy nice job

  • ZorbaNoodle

    mom: smile for the camera! me: 3:38

  • ouch

    I see the "babish" on that cast iron handle, release the kitchen-ware line already!

  • Michael Kolinski
    Michael Kolinski

    love the video. just wondering why you are so grossed out by chicken?

  • Mario Palencia Gutiérrez
    Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

    PLease make Pozole :D

  • Hamza

    Mmmmm, Pie!

  • Porcelain Montgomery
    Porcelain Montgomery

    Every rule of cooking says don’t freeze sauces with cornstarch...I don’t understand....?

  • Baii Neverland
    Baii Neverland

    did You ever use the fireplace behind You?

  • Chris Mon
    Chris Mon

    has he broken up with his girlfriend???

  • Snowshowslow

    So I've low-key wondered why you keep using and specifying kosher salt for a while now. I thought maybe you were Jewish yourself. But this chicken + cream business puts an end to that, I think. So... why? Why won't any other type of salt do?

  • Mag M
    Mag M

    We want the beef brisket recipe from Young Sheldon. Pllllls!

  • Anand Prahlad
    Anand Prahlad

    This is not a pie. Who makes a crust only for the top?

  • McCardie Clan
    McCardie Clan

    WOWOWOW! The final crust method was fabulous!!! ty

  • Cory Smith
    Cory Smith

    Thank you for bringing Ratatat back into my life!

  • S

    You are absolutely professional!! Enjoy watching!👍🙏

  • Quinten Otten
    Quinten Otten

    ''You don't want to overwork your dough, that results in a chewy pie crust'' Proceeds to hit the dough intensely several times with a stick

  • Rob Bob Brah
    Rob Bob Brah

    For once. I hate your cooking. That's not a pie. Quit lying to us and yourself. Shame. Shame. Shame.

  • Carson Smith
    Carson Smith

    I practically live off of this

  • nz pyn
    nz pyn

    It makes me sad that the crust is only on top

  • Fred Baer
    Fred Baer

    So we're looking at about $82.47 for the stock. Gotcha. :)

  • Emma Laughland
    Emma Laughland

    I’m high on codeine from my wisdom teeth surgery and the creeping out the camera guy made me laugh for like 15 minutes

  • Jim Wood
    Jim Wood

    Mmmmh baked in a buttery crispy flake.

  • Gaspar Gutierrez Perez Avena
    Gaspar Gutierrez Perez Avena

    Is this the Chicken Pie from Chicken Run?

  • Danis Mulalic
    Danis Mulalic

    who tf got a buttershredder but no coockiecutter in a heart shape

  • Day One Shemuyl
    Day One Shemuyl

    Basic, huh?

  • Tim Stack
    Tim Stack

    If you started with boneless skinless chicken thighs rather than a whole chicken, what would you do?

  • Brooke Cox
    Brooke Cox

    Sailor's of yore! xD

  • Mily Feng
    Mily Feng

    I just came from the “Turturkeykey” video, and now the chicken looks tiny compared to the turkey

  • mothafraker

    Personally, I would omit the peas.

  • Katherine

    Making the stock seems so wasteful.

  • Christian Gresham
    Christian Gresham

    most satisfying thing I have ever seen 5:03

  • Erin Houle
    Erin Houle

    Cheese grater > food processor = shredded butter

  • no

    Why did I just get a Spanish ad from T-mobile

  • Nirav Kapasi
    Nirav Kapasi

    @babish Can we use store bought pizza dough?

  • Ro Hoe
    Ro Hoe

    This looks powerful

  • Rosé

    What song is in the background

  • Vonn Loren
    Vonn Loren

    For anyone unhappy with the top-crust-only version that was done here, at least there were no noodles. Apparently, the inclusion of noodles vs crust is a hotly debated thing in Pennsylvania.

  • Andrew Hendrix
    Andrew Hendrix

    Oh man, that chicken did not die in vain.

  • Jeremy Stanis
    Jeremy Stanis

    Just gonna say it. Not a fan of Sohla.

  • Expired Gatorade
    Expired Gatorade

    Sausage time, Botulism with Bongos

  • Dr.Cosmar

    Followed this to the soundtrack Murmaider by Deathklok, it works perfect for butchering flightless birds too.

  • DormantLime

    How dare you omit the bottom crust

  • Jwkay k
    Jwkay k

    not a pie :/

  • Qjee •
    Qjee •

    1:13 idk why but his 'eughh' sounds so polite

  • Kaittenz

    Do one for eggrollllllsssss pleaseeeee

  • Ed Soderlind
    Ed Soderlind


  • Tia Kato
    Tia Kato

    You Sir, are who I watch before my dinner is ready, so I can enjoy it even more. Thank you Ps, that gravy from Twister episode? Again, thank you.

  • SwineFluTerrorist

    50g water = 50ml water all hail the metric system

  • Jake Sinkus
    Jake Sinkus

    No one mentions how so many words are pronounced weird?????? Like why are you trying so hard to sound fancy man 😆 you’re already awesome no need to be overly fancy

  • Tinpotgamer

    What do you clean your chopping surface with that gets the chicken bacteria out but is also food safe for the next step?

  • Unstoppable Zone
    Unstoppable Zone

    Use frozen butter and a grater...makes amazing pie pastry

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo

    This is not basic by any standard.

  • Angus Keenan
    Angus Keenan

    Yo Babish, you got a ghost cleaning up after you? 9:24

  • darexinfinity

    That isn't a pie, where's the bottom crust?

  • Christopher Hopkins
    Christopher Hopkins

    Ordinary Sausage

  • Cooking With King Renaissance
    Cooking With King Renaissance

    Bro this looks amazing!

  • Ms. Rose
    Ms. Rose

    Someone PLEASE meme that face

  • Anuj Pethe
    Anuj Pethe


  • Dreka Rangvaldr
    Dreka Rangvaldr

    So Babish, I ask you this. Will it sausage? Come on Ordinary Sausage is calling you out.

  • KatanaDan

    Your background music is triggering me hahaha, its funny but that meh meh sound is odd

  • Timothy Walker
    Timothy Walker

    Pies have both a top and bottom crust, without it all you have is slop with crust on top.

  • Lvlvy

    XD no flavor tbh

  • Gabriela Gaspar
    Gabriela Gaspar

    Wow, great pie crust tip!

  • Daniel Barnett
    Daniel Barnett

    Babish. I challenge you to a shokugeki

  • kim ryan
    kim ryan

    I'm eating to live right now not living to eat, although i LOVE food. I'm so anemic right now that I've lost 50 lbs and can't eat because it makes me so sick (literally). I weigh 85 lbs and fell a week ago smashing my shoulder so now im bionic mum. But your videos give me a light that, once i can use my arm again i can try new, yummy recipes. So thank you! It means more than you know! I live vicariously through your taste buds lol. 💙💙💙

  • musicplaylistize

    I'm officially calling Babish out. His apple pie is just pudding.

  • cytrackofficial

    Tha look ing Basi

  • Ryan Cronk
    Ryan Cronk

    Is it just me or do i now want the deskinning audio 🤔😅

  • Ben Fourie
    Ben Fourie

    Bump the thyme with another 2.5gr, and add a teaspoon of english mustard. You can thank me in the morning after making that.

  • Anthony Bynum
    Anthony Bynum


  • RedRoseSeptember22

    White wine!!! Adam Ragusea is quaking XD

  • Pigeon

    Popeyes needs to take notes

  • Nya Covers
    Nya Covers

    I got a binging with babish ad it was great

  • Ayila Houngbo
    Ayila Houngbo

    Make some dishes from Food Wars

  • Sierra Pickering
    Sierra Pickering

    "Those chickens are up to something." This is the only movie I could think of through the whole video lol

  • Graham Mooney
    Graham Mooney

    2:40. I beg to differ sir. I find turnips very offensive

  • Jacob Walker
    Jacob Walker

    I spent more time looking at the Deep Sea..

  • Princess Skittles
    Princess Skittles

    Suggestion: how about literally any of the dishes from the anime,Black Butler? I'm especially curious what you would do with the curry

  • Michael Villeneuve
    Michael Villeneuve

    His new intro sounds so incredibly cozy I love it so much.

  • IguanaFur Gaming
    IguanaFur Gaming

    Babish: "remember you can always go forwards, you can never go back." Me: "cause we are sharks."

    • Kristen Varghese
      Kristen Varghese

      This made me laugh so hard😂😂 my dog was scared

  • Venture_Wilderness

    9:26 a ghost!

  • Matt_Hatter101

    Collab with ordinary sausage

  • Jej Flexington
    Jej Flexington


  • Holland Hames
    Holland Hames

    Best way to clean a wire rack?

  • Epic Mine Man
    Epic Mine Man

    Can you do an alfredo Basics at some point plz?

  • Shiny!

    3:39 he's just standing there, *M E N A C I N G L Y*

  • madseasonboy

    This is not a basics

  • Jonathan Jensen
    Jonathan Jensen

    Honestly, what even is the point if you're going to do that America's Test Kitchen workaround? You might as well just make chicken and biscuits at that point.

  • Ram Mohanty
    Ram Mohanty

    are there any non alcoholic substitutes for the white wine?

  • Charles Harakal
    Charles Harakal

    Some smoked gruyere shredded and melted into the sauce is a welcome addition!

  • Rebecca Ford
    Rebecca Ford

    Do chicken and dumplings!

  • Tyler Butler
    Tyler Butler

    Played audio for my brother without context. Let’s just say he thought I was watching something extremely gruesome

  • Sakgwea2

    Could you make a broccoli cheese and rice casserole? 👉🏽👈🏽😳

  • Alangkan Srisuwor
    Alangkan Srisuwor

    Ain't anyone gonna talk about how the stove closed itself at 9:25 ?