Binging with Babish: Overnight Salad from SNL
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From Colon Blow to Taco Town to Shweddy Balls, SNL is known for its sometimes-temping, often-disgusting food parodies. Most pale in comparison, however, to the Overnight Salad: dripping with mid-century mayonnaise overdose, this send-up of 1950s American "cuisine" has been haunting me since its premiere last spring, and now finally it's here. Along with a practical version, because as it turns out, overnight salads are an actual thing for some reason. Don't forget the quarter (like I did)!
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    • Nathan Ford
      Nathan Ford

      Hello! I am a culinary student and you're right, when you make an overnight salad like this it doesn't make sense! You actually didn't do it 100% correctly. An overnight salad that you might be familiar with is Cole-Slaw! The principle behind these types of salads is that because the you are coating the vegetables in the dressing you will be able to infuse them with a bit of your flavor. So, if you wanted to do this again I would actually make sure all the veggies are coated evenly and leave out the croutons till the end. Then after a night the flavors will have bolded and make it pretty interesting. I love your youtube channel!

    • Theodoro S.H.
      Theodoro S.H.

      Make devil donuts from the simpsons

    • Logan willey
      Logan willey


    • Noah Stanley
      Noah Stanley

      You should do food from minecraft

    • Fernando Becerra
      Fernando Becerra

      Have you ever done the fry games from spongebob?

  • epiccollision

    Nightmare salad, both version ☠️

  • Jaycob Ferguson
    Jaycob Ferguson

    I feel like this should have been the 7 layer salad from How I Met Your Mother

  • Devin M
    Devin M

    Can anyone tell me why the Dressing would be better on top than the bottom? When I make a 1 person salad stack to pack for lunch I put the dressing on bottom to keep from spoiling the greens then when I want to eat it just Shake heavily (make sure its covered).

  • alex barnard
    alex barnard

    When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • Szekersda


  • Grimjaw Jackerjack
    Grimjaw Jackerjack

    This looks great but the ingredients, but the taste will surely be the absolute most disgusting thing I've ever seen or imagine the taste of in my entire life.

  • Screm Doggo
    Screm Doggo

    You forgot the quarter

  • Squidkid

    Jesus christ this is bad

  • Gabriella Comito
    Gabriella Comito

    Definitely looks disgusting…!

  • Gabriella Comito
    Gabriella Comito

    One would assume it tastes disgusting judging by what mixtures the food it is made of are…

  • Paul McCool
    Paul McCool

    After seeing this, I'm pretty sure I'd rather drink the blended fish from Ackroyd's Bass-O-Matic...

  • Zedonus0

    This is the first vid you posted I said no to everything

  • Sharon Mott
    Sharon Mott

    I remember when I watched this. I turned on the tv, and was greeted with this.

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S


  • Potato Troll
    Potato Troll

    The three hardest things to say are I love you, I'm sorry, and westerfedershire sauce.

  • dorkieboi

    Diabetes the salad

  • Joy L
    Joy L

    the improved salad looks very tasty to me - it just seems the cylindrical container makes it difficult to get it on your plate

  • Logan Edinbocker
    Logan Edinbocker

    Who asked for this? No, really who?!?!

  • Brandon Boles
    Brandon Boles

    You forgot the quarter

  • mohith koodan
    mohith koodan


  • Vyolett McIntosh
    Vyolett McIntosh

    I love salads. This freak from the show is a disaster. But you fixed it well

  • Amanda Pacheco
    Amanda Pacheco

    I was eating milk and cookies and I am not very pleased.

  • Diamond Metal
    Diamond Metal

    Jesus Christ. This is like the culinary equivalent of summoning a Lovecraftian beast.

  • Alexandre Deschamps
    Alexandre Deschamps

    Sometimes even Ironic "food" can make for an entertaining video

  • Will

    *Kosher Salt*

  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore

    Remember, no Russian

  • Little Angel
    Little Angel

    I am not the least bit sorry. .__.

  • Brian Wisse
    Brian Wisse


  • Gabriella Comito
    Gabriella Comito

    Just like the proper term is “red hair”, not “orange hair”.

    • Gabriella Comito
      Gabriella Comito

      @The World 😡

    • The World
      The World

      no one cares lol

  • Gabriella Comito
    Gabriella Comito

    The _proper_ term is “red cabbage”, not “purple cabbage”. How can you call yourself a chef and not know that?

  • Human Haker9
    Human Haker9

    Hello skedadudlers.

  • Elizabeth Ducote
    Elizabeth Ducote

    The best are layered salads with a layer of bacon under the mayo and then your salad stays pretty fresh when you take it to a picnic.

  • AveryGemini

    I love

  • DomBoyReady

    I almost threw up

  • jolantis

    First time gag on this chanell :(

  • Laura

    I cringe watching this, knowing that so many people are starving.

  • Martiandoritos777 YT
    Martiandoritos777 YT

    A cookie was gone at the beginning

  • Mihary Fiderana
    Mihary Fiderana

    Hey Babish. Please do "Cramberry sauce a la Bart" from the simpsons next time ;)

  • Ken Dac
    Ken Dac

    Wow SNL still isn’t funny

  • Saran S
    Saran S

    HOMOGENIE? or Homogenous

  • Chocl8215

    you... you forgot the quarter...

  • Zachary

    He....he donates the leftovers, right?


    That looks gorgeous 👍❤️

  • PeeS


  • UltraAgilao

    This was never meant to be.

  • Rowan Sídhe
    Rowan Sídhe

    the original version activated my fight-or-flight response

  • CrankSplank

    that hurt my stomach to watch you bite that

  • 9Eleven

    Croutons with no parsley?you insult the devs.

  • XorsonX

    Yup... I almost threw up.

  • Crision Matlock
    Crision Matlock


  • kafuka megumi
    kafuka megumi

    I just watched the snl skit and had this recommended.. for a split second I believed the overnight salad with an ungodly amount of mayo was actually a thing 😅

  • Pan Darius Kairos
    Pan Darius Kairos

    War-sister-shire sauce.

  • Big Ethan
    Big Ethan


  • Mortambo

    My grandma makes something similar she calls a "7 layer salad" which is like lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon, peas, mayo, and eggs. Not in that order. But it's done in the same kind of dish, and served immediately, although it also is better if it sits overnight. But I've never heard of an "overnight" salad.

  • Gabuda Ichamuda
    Gabuda Ichamuda

    What we wanted: *More anime food* What we got:

  • iM Granger
    iM Granger

    So I saw this thumbnail, thought it was an ice cream and fruit salad thing... until I spotted the pizza shape on top. And then my brain rebooted.

  • jrackula

    2:25 i yelled DONT

  • mercedes drake 91
    mercedes drake 91

    Nick Miller's sauce from New girl lol

  • Abby Dabbs
    Abby Dabbs

    The American pronounciation. “Ah-roo-gue-lah”. Please you sound like a clown horn. Call it rocket

    • Pan Darius Kairos
      Pan Darius Kairos


  • WE

    I mean I would eat it

  • Ian h
    Ian h

    She does mention it in the song- "look whos back its mayo"


    Hey can you do all the food from my hero academia?

  • Erik Howden
    Erik Howden

    Okay but what about “Almost Pizza”

  • Jody Short
    Jody Short


  • IanNguyenDo

    Make the 7 layer salad from How I Met Your Mother

  • We eb
    We eb

    Oh no, oh no, *no*

  • Sternik the bernik :7
    Sternik the bernik :7

    I wonder why one of the cookies are gone


    Worcestershire sauce. Woos-ter-sher sauce. I know this because I live like an hour drive from worcestershire

  • Aaron Winrock
    Aaron Winrock

    You forgot the quarter, The quarter is the thing tha-

  • hoopy

    warner bros. sauce

  • Sewwfffyhjijui

    You forgot the quarter in the salad

  • zzar0humanity

    Overnight salads are a meal prep thing, but also more of an instagram thing. You prep the salad in a jar so that way you can dump it into a bowl and its like you just made it. But you can get the same effect by just having a secondary thing of dressing instead of combining it. Doing it all together only saves you the extra dishes to deal with, so generally speaking the main benefit is instagram points because like overnight oats they can look pretty in the jar even though the actuall process of eating them is pretty gnarly and not aesthetic

  • Matthew Wommack
    Matthew Wommack

    Hey babish, Could we get some video game recipes?? We could start with stardew valley...

  • Showcer

    You should do the perfect Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich from American Dad

  • Sunny Peterson
    Sunny Peterson

    My MIL does overnight salad when we're camping. Then you don't have to worry about putting it together at the picnic table. It's totally a midwest thing 🤣

  • Agent621

    i like how i have been binge watching this for 2 hours

  • Dark Lord of Sword
    Dark Lord of Sword

    I'm pretty certain the reason for this.... thing.... is to give people a second use for a trifle bowl. It's a pretty.....ish..... centerpiece for a 50s-esque garden party.

  • ChumbawambaFan59


  • Jacklfitz

    Babish please stop eating raw sewage I beg of you

  • Eepop_stuffs

    I fed this to my dog and she has been sleeping for 9 days

    • TheFiresloth

      Tries to give him some more mayo.

    • doodle bob
      doodle bob

      I think she's uhhhhh.... *dead*

  • Eileena Davidson
    Eileena Davidson

    I nearly cried when he tried it

  • Jack Dillon
    Jack Dillon

    can you make skweezy's garlic fries from tik tok? hahaha i know it doesn't count as tv or movies but pls

  • Asia Palmer
    Asia Palmer

    Looking at these commenta it seemed this is the worse than oatmeal cookoes being mistaken for chocolate chip

  • Gage Westerhouse
    Gage Westerhouse

    Worcestershirefordton. British.

  • Call Me Ocean Man
    Call Me Ocean Man


  • lunchpin

    This is almost as bad as SNL itself

  • Thomas the comment rater
    Thomas the comment rater

    No one will know what I originally asked.

    • AboundingVampireKiller20

      He's already made those.

  • xmaniack2

    Just the tops of the pizza if you look closely. no crust that would ruin it. Obi what went wrong with your atempt.

  • Acura TL GTLM
    Acura TL GTLM

    I had to pause to puke, and after several trips to the bathroom, fruitlessly dry-heave during the course of this video. To sum up how I feel about this, as I'm sure Andrew can say the same, think of the pufferfish eating carrots. Think of that noise. "Æugh"

  • gσ∂∂єѕѕ σf вєєѕ
    gσ∂∂єѕѕ σf вєєѕ

    I am scared but intrigued

  • hi hi
    hi hi

    In the sketch the salad killed the dog

  • hi hi
    hi hi


  • Timothy Serpette
    Timothy Serpette

    I almost threw up at the end of the first iteration.

  • M. M.
    M. M.

    This is dumb.

  • erbinzky

    I literally recoiled at 2:29

  • Tim K
    Tim K

    Why isn't Mixing with Babish called Bartending with Babish?

  • Fenril Rosario
    Fenril Rosario

    I watched the intro and immediately gagged.

  • 68corvette08

    This looks worse than Rachael's trifle on Friends.

  • N Sharma
    N Sharma

    I think overnight salads are just prepable ahead of time to save time -- like overnight oats... But also, some salads if you're spicing them/mixing with a sauce/dressing that'd give time to let the flavours mix more? Like potato salad...