Binging with Babish: Monica's Candy from Friends
Little is known about Monica Geller's addicting, social-norm-disrupting candy: it involves chocolate, it tastes like little drops of heaven, it's indescribable. Based off what I've observed in my frame-by-frame analysis, it appears to be chocolate-covered caramels, something I'm more than apt to make. But it involves tempering chocolate - will I survive? Yeah, probably - tempering chocolate sucks, but so long as you have a double boiler/an accurate thermometer/patience, anyone can do it!
Music: "Add And" by Broke for Free
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    Babish Culinary Universe

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    • Kurjz

      Let's see how many subscribers I can get from this comment. Current (18)

    • Maryam R
      Maryam R

      The amazing chocolate dessert from Joey's date in Friends 🙏🍫🍮

    • Stephanie Leanne
      Stephanie Leanne

      Rachel’s truffle from friends

    • Natalie LeBlanc
      Natalie LeBlanc

      A potato peel pie from the Gurnsey Literary and Potato Pie Society

    • Ellie 《Insert Surname Here》
      Ellie 《Insert Surname Here》

      The unkosher salt.

  • Saran S
    Saran S

    At first I thought the candy was made of meat.

  • mar_lnzz

    Can you please do the cheesecake from friends

  • Summer A
    Summer A

    Petition for Babish to make the cheesecake Rachel and Chandler stole?

  • ivo v
    ivo v

    can you use milk chocolate?

  • Katerina Cordos
    Katerina Cordos

    I don't wanna be that person, but you forgot the white drizzle she puts on top of the candies.

  • Seth B
    Seth B

    when i saw moni i thought ddlc

  • Yarden M
    Yarden M

    But what about the white chocolate she decorates on top with the squeeze bottle? 🥺

  • Emma Ritchie
    Emma Ritchie

    When he said 110° I got confused because in the UK 100° is the temperature water boils at

  • deathstarcake

    "No, not cAndY lAdY"

  • Wait, Coffee First
    Wait, Coffee First

    Hmm could've sworn I saw Monica put crushed/chopped nuts and a drizzle of (what I'm guessing is) white chocolate towards the end?

  • Alex Fleurimond
    Alex Fleurimond

    hmm i wonder if i can use cannabutter.

  • Duncan Robertson
    Duncan Robertson

    Thanks, but what do I use the Ox Tails for?

  • duke silver
    duke silver

    That hand shake. Every single time

  • Ngaire Taylor
    Ngaire Taylor

    To improve your chocolate’s… It’s quite easy add a pinch of fresh ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and Cardiman to your caramel. You could also improve this caramel by using goats milk instead of cows milk. To improve the chocolate use a chocolate that has a 70 percent dark chocolate And add a dash of coffee essence. Then use smoked flaky sea salt instead of just plain sea salt. It would also be better if you could put a freshly toasted Armand on top of each caramel before in robing in chocolate. As I’m allergic to almond I tend to use freshly toasted macadamias instead.

  • Annalise Edogawa
    Annalise Edogawa

    Can you make something from the anime called Yumeiro Patissiere, Yakitate Japan or Food wars.

  • Akka5000

    arent these just milk duds?

  • Kay

    Drops of heaven

  • S.i. Sohan
    S.i. Sohan

    Now i want Joey's meatball sandwich 🥪 chandler and Rachel's cheesecake Ross's Turkey sandwich with moist maker and Phebe's nestle toll house chocolate chip cookies

    • S.i. Sohan
      S.i. Sohan

      @Whitney Peck 😳

    • Whitney Peck
      Whitney Peck

      He has one for the moist maker

  • Ray Collins
    Ray Collins

    What about the moist maker

  • NotSoSlimPickle

    Chocolate be like “oh yeah”

  • Derp

    why did i see ox tails in a candy vid

  • The Single Player Gamer
    The Single Player Gamer

    You forgot to drizzle on the frosting

  • chefBobbygeetha

    awesome video

  • Bradon Hoover
    Bradon Hoover

    I really thought those oxtails were some kind of fluffy marshmallow or taffy type thing and now I'm upset

  • agii

    So you just made yema. Okay

  • carol

    From afar the oxtail looked like multi colored pink marshmallow.

  • Taylour Tv
    Taylour Tv

    I wanna know how you figured out the receipe? Ive been trying for years

  • migwheels

    If you got the Friends Advent calendar they actually gave the recipe for the candy....

  • Paolo F.
    Paolo F.

    Wait... why didn't you use your souvide to keep the chocolate at 94?

  • Erika Chavez
    Erika Chavez

    Make the cheesecake that Chandler and Rachel where obsessed with eating!

  • Incapacitated Toad
    Incapacitated Toad

    m o r e q u i c k l y

  • Rin Law
    Rin Law

    remake the dishes from chocolat

  • Luna

    I always accidentally end up making tempered chocolate and I honestly have no idea how I do it.

  • Matthew Walton
    Matthew Walton

    Monica's candies surely wouldn't have been salted caramel because that wasn't a Thing back in the 90s. Wish it wasn't a Thing now...

  • Will

    *Kosher Salt*

  • Clara Christensen
    Clara Christensen

    you should do something from bridgerton

  • Khulud Turak
    Khulud Turak

    Now I want Ross's favorite mashed potatoes with lumps

  • Mravina

    You forgot the white chocolate drizzle. When she says "I've only got 2 hands!!!" she's drizzling white chocolate on the candies.

  • Nicole Mana
    Nicole Mana

    Can u do the moist maker sandwich by ross plssss

  • Niall H
    Niall H

    I always thought this stuff looked absolutely amazing. Glad you did it.

  • Blu Wolf
    Blu Wolf

    I just thought of something. Why not use a cooling rack and dump the chocolate over the Carmel’s and shake the rack to drip any excess down.

  • Brazen Spirituality
    Brazen Spirituality

    O M F G how in the heck did I MISS this one? *♡SWOOOOONS♡*

  • Jay Garcia
    Jay Garcia

    I could've sworn Monica's chocolates had swirls of white chocolate on top, or maybe I'm wrong....🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Liza Saakadze
    Liza Saakadze

    So... way to much work for something you can easily buy at the store

  • Eduardo Caetano
    Eduardo Caetano

    do the black and white cookies from seinfeld!! :D

  • Piotr Gajda
    Piotr Gajda

    So, a question arises. I want to try it out, but I don't think I can get my hands on light corn syrup, at least not easily enough for me to do it. Can I just add a little bit more sugar?

  • Tracy Nguyen
    Tracy Nguyen

    Now I want to see the cheesecake from Mama's Little Bakery

    • Molly Macabre
      Molly Macabre

      *pulls fork out of jacket* what are we havin’?

    • Shania Simzel
      Shania Simzel

      You're eating the cheesecake without me

  • Aestrõphilic *
    Aestrõphilic *

    Monica would be so impressed

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith


  • C Harlotte
    C Harlotte

    In Germany you can buy this exact candy at the store called "Riesen" they are heaven and insanely addictive

    • Niamh _
      Niamh _

      They also pull out your teeth. But yes, they're tasty.

  • Aine Angeles
    Aine Angeles

    Thanks for this!!!! Who would have thought. I miss and love Friends!

  • A S
    A S

    Joey's best sandwich in the world that he would take a bullet for!! Please!!


    Hey can you do all the food from my hero academia?

  • Avinav Sarkar
    Avinav Sarkar

    This must've like 5 star candy found in india indians may relate

  • R B
    R B

    I imagined the candy was more like taffy

  • Sharkspice

    Haven’t even watched already my favourite episode

  • Shounak Patwardhan
    Shounak Patwardhan

    Throughout the video, I was waiting for a loud knock on the door with someone yelling 'BRING OUT THE CANDY!!!'

  • Sophie Baird
    Sophie Baird

    The sandwich where Ross keeps saying “MY SANDWICH”

  • tråšh

    "Once everyone is cubed they will be coated in chocolate"

  • Warren Bintoro
    Warren Bintoro

    Who wants cheesecake from friends?

  • Ramnses Villegas
    Ramnses Villegas

    how much chocolate did you use for that serving???

  • newwavepop

    wait thats not the candy that was in the thumbnail. i mean i thought it was going to be some weird candy that Monica invented on Friends, but its just caramels covered in chocolate which seems pretty normal and common :/

  • Hettie Petra
    Hettie Petra

    Sorry 🤢 salted caramel is bad enough but then putting tons of salt on chocolate on top makes me cry

  • Allyssa s
    Allyssa s

    Those look exactly like the ones on my counter that I bought from Sam's club.

  • Mary Badalian
    Mary Badalian

    Why is tempering necessary?

  • cat Whiskers
    cat Whiskers

    I was really concerned when I saw meat at the beginning.

  • Vivian Adams
    Vivian Adams

    Did anyone else hear the kitchen sounds behind the music and voice over? Or am I losing my mind?

  • Stephanie Watkins
    Stephanie Watkins

    Just FYI from a Friends Nerd (don’t come for me), but there’s a shot later in the episode of the chocolates being decorated with white chocolate in a drizzle effect.

  • Crystalhope Medicine Crow
    Crystalhope Medicine Crow

    Should do Rachel’s shepherds pie cake....

    • R F
      R F

      *Trifle It's a layered dessert, kind of like how tiramisu is

  • Boats and Hoes
    Boats and Hoes

    Friends is hands down...a Terrible show

  • Orion Belter
    Orion Belter

    Which one was Monica again?

  • Millie Me
    Millie Me

    You should make the best sandwich ever that Barry and Murray Goldberg drive out of the state for and end up losing their keys!

  • Kaylor And Khaos
    Kaylor And Khaos

    Ok. I’m confused. I have always just melted baking chocolate, coated my candies and let them sit at room temperature and they’re perfect. I’ve never had to temper it or recrystallise it. 🤔

  • Andrew Lale
    Andrew Lale

    This is why I only buy chocolates

  • Mister Rob
    Mister Rob

    Dude, you're cool, but how long does it take to record an intro? Unless you are too busy, don't be a lazy UZloadr. I don't appreciate shoddy workmanship.

  • Bianca Fagri
    Bianca Fagri

    I can’t wait to try these! Thank you so much Babish 😍. Please can you teach us how to make the cheesecake from friends too? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Auden O'Keefe
    Auden O'Keefe

    How do I know when it's done without a candy thermometer?

  • Lauren Rose
    Lauren Rose

    Those chocolate discs intrigue me.

  • geegeezlouis86

    So this isn't Monica's candy, it's just what you imagine it to be lol

  • Siti Balqis
    Siti Balqis

    Someone tag Ben here hahaha

  • Zoey's Lala
    Zoey's Lala

    Please just say SAUCE. PAN.

  • George Marcus
    George Marcus

    Do the pie from Blacklist

  • Charlotte Liu
    Charlotte Liu

    Look delicious!!

  • Eleanor Campbell
    Eleanor Campbell

    I got an ad for the "Mixing with Babish" and maker's mark thing ON THIS VIDEO.

  • Crèu Cat クル猫
    Crèu Cat クル猫


  • random luck
    random luck

    Can I use hershey's chocolate chips???

  • Hyicrotai

    Or just buy salted chocolate covered Carmel

  • Raphael Mancuso
    Raphael Mancuso

    great intro

  • Ahyan Zaman
    Ahyan Zaman

    Who actually cleans all the plates or other used utensils?🤣🤣😂

  • Michael Huber
    Michael Huber

    She hit it with some sort of drizzle in the show. Was looking forward to seeing how you were going to pull that off.... but you skipped that step completely 3/10 would not recommend Still love to tho

  • Lam Emma
    Lam Emma

    ah he forgot the white chocolate drizzle, (if any of you friends fans out there noticed that monica drizzled lines of white chocolate on top)

  • holysugarmuffin1

    I must be tired i didn't even notice that was meat I thought it was pink honey comb

  • Techman86

    Babish you should make the candy from Jimmy Neutron!

  • himynameisgeoff

    I feel like you should have put some peanuts in there. Just saying

  • Liam Acosta
    Liam Acosta

    please make the bon bons form that one spongebob episode :)

  • Sasha Soltys
    Sasha Soltys

    This video is the reason why i dont bake. Few hours of work on some treats. Mental

  • Sian Hancock
    Sian Hancock

    where are the white chocolate stripes and chopped nuts 🥺🥺🥺

  • Melloweat

    I like cooking like yours

  • NutcaseIn A. Nutshell
    NutcaseIn A. Nutshell

    Babish, if you have trouble tempering chocolate, you can also use compound chocolate (vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter, I think), which doesn't need to be tempered.