Binging with Babish: Bachelor Chow from Futurama
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Good news everyone! Today we’re taking a look at that most objectionable food from fiction, Bachelor Chow. Can I make my own dog food for humans - with blackjack, and hookers!
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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe

    Fun fact: the footage of me both tasting the dog food and the freeze-dried version was corrupted and had to be re-shot. But it did give me the opportunity to say to myself “good news everyone! You get to eat dog food again!”

    • Devin M
      Devin M

      my hero!

    • Kyle Hallman
      Kyle Hallman

      If you want to make something a little less disgusting from Futurama, you can always recreate Farnsworth's diner order from "Roswell That Ends Well." A paella, two mutton pills(whatever those are), a croque monsieur, and a stein of mead.

    • Ni Da
      Ni Da

      Pizza Gyoza from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    • Zos Mo
      Zos Mo

      100 lawyers clowns construction workers police officers librarians chefs and soldiers stand in line at a small lemonade stand, Babish joins as the 101st and asks the police offficer in front of him what everyone is waiting for. He says well it was supposed to be a inch line. Lots of love

    • juan Mendieta
      juan Mendieta

      Make spaghetti tacos from Icarly

  • Dbn Pluto
    Dbn Pluto

    Fifth time asking for ichiraku ramen from Naruto backwards in order of your vids

  • charl X
    charl X

    ..... can someone make a start up that sells this? I would love some shelf stable meat and gravy Be like japan, more instant foods!

  • Art of Gaming Warfare
    Art of Gaming Warfare

    I would have thought freeze dried beef stroganoff. It's already a thing used in MREs and hiking meals, soooo. Well, it is human dog food. Do a high end freeze dried beef stroganoff.

  • Sparky Minor
    Sparky Minor

    You should sell that recipe to mountain House backpacking food company I'm sure they would love to take it off your hands.

  • alex barnard
    alex barnard

    When are you gonna collab with ordinary sausage???? Needs to happen

  • JayVBear45

    I kept hearing Pink Floyds Have a Cigar (Riding the Gravy Train) while you were doing this. What! No Spice Weasel?

  • Idiot City
    Idiot City

    If you ever do futurama again you should do the anchovies pizza!

  • Lee Price
    Lee Price

    Now With Flavor

  • Lord Fapalot
    Lord Fapalot

    Try poultry flavored cat food instead. It tastes much better than dog food... or so says my friend.

  • Alex Knox
    Alex Knox

    "For the next video I'm going to eat actual dog food." Okay, I wouldn't but it's your choice... *he picks the most horrific possible choice on the shelf* ANDREW NOOOOO!!!!

  • Loopy-loops

    Lol i feel sorry for those dogs eating that

  • CidYoshi

    Anyone ever wondered how canned dog food tastes like?

  • Mathijs Ignoul
    Mathijs Ignoul

    Anything from Fishy Joe's!

  • giovana gouveia
    giovana gouveia

    Nice job

  • Gabriella Comito
    Gabriella Comito

    I feel bad for you…!

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane

    Putting anchovy’s in this!? Now that’s just a tease to them 😭

  • Loraine Drosophila
    Loraine Drosophila

    Im so jealous you have access to a freeze dryer. I would be freeze drying everything.

  • JimIBobIJones

    Babish isn't satisfied by angering the Italians, he wants to antagonise the French as well...

  • Black Flabungus
    Black Flabungus

    The dog food was only bad because you didn’t fill it with water.

  • Moondial1980

    One gaggle of fresh parsley. Is that a technical measure? 😀

  • YouoY

    I always imagined bachelor chow was like an MRE Goulash

  • Frickface Migee
    Frickface Migee

    We love a man that doesn't waste food

  • TryingMyBest

    The man eats dog food 🤣 Can't say he doesm suffer for his art

  • Alex Jester
    Alex Jester

    You should do the breakfast from Disenchantment! ("all your favorites... poached dodo eggs, unicorn bacon, and waffles" (and whatever that mystery crystal fruit is...

  • Thrifty032781

    More persistent begging for Office Space episode with Pizza Shooters, Shrimp Poppers, and Extreme Fajitas.

  • Sunhawk

    But how to make veggies and potatoes into dehydrated shelf stable kibble?

  • V M
    V M

    Rachel Ray makes dog food for humans.

  • Hettie Petra
    Hettie Petra

    ‘Environmental box’ Is delivered and has so much plastic ...thanks?

  • Nobic ZMC
    Nobic ZMC

    This is the first time dog food made my mouth water and it will never happen again hopefully

  • 。李I知U恩

    单身狗粮 lol

  • Brad F
    Brad F

    This was incredibly impressive. Even for Babish.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobee Kenobee
    Obi-Wan Kenobee Kenobee

    Gonna point out that he used anchovies, which Bachelor Chow can't actually contain since anchovies are extinct in the Futurama time.

    • marina kasparov •
      marina kasparov •

      Also dogs are can’t eat onions (or garlic) either- makes them really sick

  • Flash Thompson
    Flash Thompson

    That was awesome

  • I’m always Left
    I’m always Left

    I don’t get how people cant handle dog food ,i once ate a piece and it tasted just fine i even went for another peice

  • YourVinylPlug

    "eco-friendly 100% recycle-able box"... sooo a normal cardboard box? lol

  • Steven Brawley
    Steven Brawley

    I want this process industrialized for mass production.

  • Patrick Bowles
    Patrick Bowles

    We don’t deserve you

  • Adrienne Cianfarini
    Adrienne Cianfarini

    Loving the Frasier wooden spatula!! Where did you get it?!

  • Barrie

    B U T C H E R B O X 😂

  • Trej Rha
    Trej Rha

    If it's any consolation dog food is better than cat food

  • Adam Hermiston
    Adam Hermiston

    The crazy airship specially mend because truck worryingly moor excluding a zealous golf. mammoth, painful ash

  • Spore God
    Spore God

    is no one going to mention he used anchovy paste they are extinct in the show this is inaccurate

  • mizv

    i dont know. you said there are no human dog food equivalents. breakfast cereal

  • christian cox
    christian cox

    I cannot believe he added anchovy paste to the vegetables, that's an extinct animal -_-

  • meme dog
    meme dog

    every time i see this video i now think of this one tumbler post

  • Victor Ortiz
    Victor Ortiz

    If you personally made dog food for a dog food company I would buy it knowing it has real ingredients

  • AlexisGarcon

    Love your content, but I neeed to say this to your sponsor. If the box is in cardboard, but everything inside is plasic wrapped, plus it's meat, IT IS NOT ECO-FRIENDLY!!! Sry, needed to get it out.

  • Chop Happy
    Chop Happy

    I love futurama and have always wanted to eat some delicious bachelor chow! Great video

  • J E
    J E

    Man is literally living 2101...

  • Zane Gettinger
    Zane Gettinger


  • Superintendent Chalmers
    Superintendent Chalmers

    Let's get this Bachelor Chow out onto a tray. NICE! Mmkay.

  • Kade Cooper
    Kade Cooper

    Aight so he basically made a high end MRE

  • Walking Corpse
    Walking Corpse

    Make the Candied Hot Dogs from The Misadventures of Flapjack!!!

  • Michael Pressler
    Michael Pressler

    I hope you washed out the kibble taste from the dog bowl.

  • PurpleTails Productions
    PurpleTails Productions

    you should do some of the food from saints row!

  • Simulacrum

    you made an mre

  • Roboute Guilliman
    Roboute Guilliman

    I want to make it know to everyone that does not know, onions and garlic are toxic to dogs.

  • The Tez Man
    The Tez Man

    Now you have to make popplers

  • Ultra_axe781

    Dog foo is cheap, tho, so il´ll stick to that

  • zee zoo
    zee zoo

    "eco friendly" sure jan w all that plastic wrapped meat

  • pokemanikangie

    just cut a face into the popcorn shrimp....boom poplers

  • Kikísek Scótermann
    Kikísek Scótermann

    Are Andrew and Steve buying freezedriers to make MREs from the same company? Awesome..

  • Chas Scott
    Chas Scott

    Soooooo can you work with companies that make military MRE’s? Because we’re hurting for some chemical free flavor here

  • ReeeKid54 __
    ReeeKid54 __

    Ironically my agriculture class had to taste dog food and try to guess the ingredients

    • Devin M
      Devin M

      you know they list them on the back right?

  • pook

    If you sold this as babish chow, I'd buy it

  • Matthew Drobitsky
    Matthew Drobitsky


  • Marie-Lynn Issa
    Marie-Lynn Issa

    You are insanely talented. And genius.

  • Joshua Bain
    Joshua Bain

    dude..... I would buy this.

  • elbob086

    This is what I always want to see happen in the real world

  • Urk The Turtle
    Urk The Turtle

    come on... we need Ed Sauce from Goodburger.

  • Boone Helm
    Boone Helm

    You NEED to sell this!!!

  • Amara 101
    Amara 101

    You should make fufu

  • Alvin Reviews
    Alvin Reviews

    i was freaked out about the new babish hair so I came here to calm myself down...

  • Ramiro Arjona
    Ramiro Arjona

    Babish:makes dog food for humans Me:ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

  • Nsomniac

    Remember if you give this to your dogs DO NOT SEASON IT

  • Nodel Oliver
    Nodel Oliver

    Now I'll have something to snack on when my wife puts me in the dog house...

  • Bdubs

    Very cool

  • 日本人ない

    Do the poplers!!!!!!!!!!

  • lethe.archive

    idk what i was expecting but im shocked you were actual able to make a show accurate human kibble

  • Olyvia borange
    Olyvia borange

    i'd argue that any flavor of chucky stew in a can is the equivalent of bachelor chow

  • Peace King
    Peace King

    I eat my dog's food sometimes. If you feed your pet something you refuse to eat your probably a bad owner.

  • mario Jesus
    mario Jesus

    That look like it could have been an MRE version let's put this out on a tray nice

  • Fatema Alam Mithua
    Fatema Alam Mithua

    I learn better vaculbary form this guy then my school teacher

  • Please Respond
    Please Respond

    That certainly has the look, but does it have the same function? The whole point of bachelor chow is that it has a full balance of all macro and micronutrients you need, so you can literally just eat that and nothing else. I suspect that this actually has almost everything, though it is lacking a lot of fiber. Maybe put some instant oats in there for that. I would love to see someone (a lot more qualified than me!) do a full breakdown of this dish and what it's missing to be true bachelor's chow in function (if not in looks).

  • Edward Carron
    Edward Carron

    The human equivalent of dog food is Huel

  • Deetex Seraphine
    Deetex Seraphine

    Bouncing this idea, have you considered a collab with SteveMRE? I'm actually very curious to hear what he has to say about the freezedried chow.

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson

    All hail the hypno toad

  • iHaveOneArm

    So you cloud say you made Woeuf bourguignon? *puts on sunglasses*

  • Will

    *Kosher Salt*

  • Desmond Attah
    Desmond Attah

    Shave the beard, Andrew

  • Wicked Deetz
    Wicked Deetz

    I crave a 1950's flavored candy from the Umbrella Academy. And maybe a whole episode on Chowder foods.

  • ray lewis
    ray lewis

    There is a dehydrated meat and veg food sold for dogs that is human safe

  • Man McMan
    Man McMan

    At last, Human Food I’d buy it

  • Dick Hammerbush
    Dick Hammerbush

    Anchovies? Aren't they extinct in the year 3000?

  • José María
    José María

    That's top tier cooking in a horrible presentation 😂

  • Joshua Rodriguez
    Joshua Rodriguez

    DoNt ThRoW aWaY tHe CuBeS, wE uSe It LaTeR.

  • steff jones
    steff jones

    Are we going to see more food adventures with the freeze drying machine? Looks to be one from 'Harvest Right' how did it perform? I've heard mixed results from them....

  • h

    He added water to the chow before digging in though, the test in the beginning was poor

  • NKV

    Future Futurama episodes: Gross stuff laced with LSD a big heaping bowl of salt Something Something spice weasel BAM!