Thanksgiving Recipe Livestream with Sohla El-Waylly
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Join Sohla El-Waylly and me as we prepare some Thanksgiving recipes inspired by Blue Moon and answer fan questions. We make a southwestern spatchcocked turkey, elote spoon bread with chili and lime, queso broccoli casserole, and Blue Moon caramel orange cake. For the ingredients and shopping list to cook along with us at home, click here:

  • Faiz Ozigi
    Faiz Ozigi

    Wait are you telling me it doesn’t take 20 minutes to make a whole meal My whole life is a lie

  • Alexandria Cocio-gonzales
    Alexandria Cocio-gonzales

    Sohla is underrated glad she doing more and showing her skills

  • Shailaja Mahara
    Shailaja Mahara

    WHY do I ALWAYS wake up to a Babish and Sohla video??! Everytime! EVERYTIME!!!

  • SaaasiCooking

    Yummy 😋!!

  • bonnie france
    bonnie france

    i love seeing sohla be appreciated



  • Roo The conqueror
    Roo The conqueror

    Those scissors are made by fiskars if you are wondering. overmixing leads to tough cake

  • Alec Ingulsrud
    Alec Ingulsrud

    The live chat needs better moderation, lots of transphobic garbage in there.

  • Seasons of Refreshing
    Seasons of Refreshing

    This looks amazing!! Thank for sharing, friend! Let's stay connected!

  • Rowan Yeomans
    Rowan Yeomans

    Roasting fennel with like pumpkin, carrot, and orange (juice chunks, zest whatever) with some sort of cumin, cinnamon, star anise, pepper situation is pretty great savoury orange if your vego too

  • Gerald Heston
    Gerald Heston

    I made the orange Blue Moon cake for Christmas Eve - it was a hit! Thanks!

  • Engineers' best friend
    Engineers' best friend

    What was the temperature of the oven for the turkey?

  • CupidoAgo

    This HAS to become an annual tradition!!!

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith

    Starts at 3:19

  • Olivia S.
    Olivia S.

    I have been in Rome and I have never ever seen a Grape pie so IDK what the heck you're talking about Babish, we have Half Moon Cookies and Chicken Riggies here though- where did you get the pie? There's also Nora's Candy Shop and her Turkey Joints (chocolate sticks with outwards hard candy coating, they look like bones) at the Chocolate Shop here, that's also a Rome exclusive.

  • Chop Happy
    Chop Happy

    I didn't get to watch this live but it was still a great video to watch! I think anyone who loves cooking should watch this!

  • Jet Log
    Jet Log

    I'm still waiting for brad and/or to join the BCU

  • 51 50
    51 50


  • Hazel Shah
    Hazel Shah

    them working together makes me so happy

  • dannyb4283

    Hopefully she doesn't ruin your cooking too, Babish, like she did with BA. She's been toxic everywhere she's ever worked.

  • Patrick

    The ingredients of fritos are corn, oil, and salt. That's it. There's no additives. There's no preservatives. There's no sugar. They're actually very healthy.

  • Patrick

    I really wish they'd repeated the questions since the person asking them wasn't mic'd. Next stream could you mic him?

  • 51 50
    51 50

    This is some awkward chemistry

  • Matt_Hatter101

    Collab with ordinary sausage

  • Jej Flexington
    Jej Flexington


  • Msmoehri92

    After watching your video, I decided to spatchcock my turkey. I used a compound butter with parsley, sage, marjoram, thyme, and salt. BEST TURKEY AND GRAVY EVER!!!!

  • Ashish Dean
    Ashish Dean

    You're the Best!!

  • Konner Dent
    Konner Dent

    This has Mythical Chef Josh & Nichole vibes.

  • Meg Eileen
    Meg Eileen

    I didn't get to watch this live because of work and I'm FINALLY getting around to watching but I had a southern style Thanksgiving! my stuffing was half corn bread and half regular bread so I still had those chunks and the southern feel

  • Brizeida Plancarte
    Brizeida Plancarte

    Where can I get that pepper grinder?!?

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I'm legit glad they mentioned macaroni and cheese and collared greens as Thanksgiving sides

  • Jumana in the Kitchen جمانة في المطبخ
    Jumana in the Kitchen جمانة في المطبخ


  • ~freakinlovefive~

    Videos like these remind us how much experience Sohla has in the kitchen, especially chaotic kitchens because she’s able to stay so calm during the chaos versus Babish.

  • Rachel Stark
    Rachel Stark

    12oz bottle and a 16oz glass...🍻

  • Krystin Rose
    Krystin Rose

    when he says "that's what it's there for...question mark?" CUTEST EVER 😍 I fell in love

  • N P
    N P

    Sohla's laugh is a ray of sunshine when I feel sad. I feel sad most of the time, but it's ok as there's joy in the world.

  • PrettyStevey

    Oooh Sohla's Science Show where we nerd out about cooking techniques and send in user questions?

  • Jabbasnutsack

    Swiper no swiping!!!!

  • Ashley Blumentritt
    Ashley Blumentritt

    What temp did you put the turkey in?

  • M. TanTan
    M. TanTan

    I never noticed how jittery Andrew is but it’s pretty cute

  • Daniel Bonora
    Daniel Bonora

    Its funny how on recorded videos Babish seems so much more polished, but on live streams I feel like Sohla is the more polished.

  • dark matter
    dark matter

    I love how unrehearsed he’s such a hot mess

  • Daniel Cameron
    Daniel Cameron


  • BboyDynames

    How hot was the oven for the turkey?

  • Freckled Cat Creations
    Freckled Cat Creations

    its so cute how nervous he is on camera live. i feel the anxiety XD

  • Daniel Bonora
    Daniel Bonora

    Sohla should do a food science show where she gets "weird" like she said I would thoroughly enjoy that!

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen

    My right thumb is really getting a workout for this type of content.

  • bert L
    bert L

    Steam starts at 3:19 ✨✨

  • Zoro

    i loveed the stream!!! please do another one. truly, I did not thought it would be so great; I knew that it will be great bc -u know- it's Babish's channel; but I never thought it would be this great. All I'm trying to say is: I loved it. Also, I think it will be really great if you do a live stream in Christmas.

  • Salty Abyss
    Salty Abyss

    You should consider streaming on Twitch :D

  • imdaily markom
    imdaily markom

    i love sohla and discovering babish

  • miquerto

    Sohla: cool. Babbish: Babbbiiiisssshhhbbbiiishbish

  • Ryan Latimer
    Ryan Latimer

    You guys are amazing. Thank you for such a fun stream.

  • Don Lamb
    Don Lamb

    I don't know if either one of y'all will read this, but I made the turkey you guys did on your stream.... and it was AMAZING!

  • nonbinary inuk
    nonbinary inuk

    starts at 3:20

  • Scott Monson
    Scott Monson

    Giant Hugs

  • Ryan Hornseth
    Ryan Hornseth

    They respect each other so much, it's very refreshing to see

  • Flackon16

    Starts @ 3:19

  • Evil Sp0rk
    Evil Sp0rk

    I de-spined my turkey thanks to this video, this year, and oh man... It made basting soooo much easier. THANK YOU!

  • Icaro Souza
    Icaro Souza

    So is no one gonna talk about 1:20:25 ? Who was in the bathroom

  • QuickSilverZS

    Made turkey today using this method and man, that cooked nice and quick and was delicious! Thanks for the recipes, Andrew, Sohla, and crew!

  • Donna Millward
    Donna Millward

    half million views over Gordon Ramsey that speaks volumes -that is achievement in itself.

  • John Moreno
    John Moreno

    Did they say what temp the oven was at for the turkey?

    • Daniel Cameron
      Daniel Cameron

      I'm looking through the comments to find out if something got picked up... I didn't see it in the video.

  • TeamFuzzy3

    Temp and time??

  • Katherine C
    Katherine C


  • Trevor Juve
    Trevor Juve

    3:18 is when it starts

  • Sarah Wagner
    Sarah Wagner

    I never comment on videos, but I just wanted to say that I prepared my turkey this way- it turned out amazing, and it was my first time ever cooking a full turkey on my own! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • aptapathy

    What is the oven temp for the turkey?

  • hawianflamingo

    Thank you, Thank you, for using Parsley! Every time I see a chef throw cilantro on something I go "Argh, you just ruined it"!

  • Beth Nelson
    Beth Nelson

    "I love smooshing butter!" "Half of these recipes are about smooshin' butter, officially." "That's what Thanksgiving is, it's a time to smoosh butter. And, I guess, not see your loved ones this year." Sohla, too real.

  • Brandon Ford
    Brandon Ford

    Did anyone catch time and temp for the turkey?

    • Wittman Vision
      Wittman Vision

      I am guessing that is a 15# turkey.

  • Voot Eimer
    Voot Eimer

    Totally last minute..

  • Deborah Hernandez
    Deborah Hernandez

    What temperature are they cooking the turkey at?

    • Wittman Vision
      Wittman Vision

      I’m guessing that is a 15# turkey.

  • Matthew Ford
    Matthew Ford

    Sohla’s laugh is just so pure, a rare bright spot in a rough year.

  • Timothy Harrington
    Timothy Harrington

    Miss the OG babish episodes. Not a fan of all the new changes

  • Kayde Zimmerle
    Kayde Zimmerle

    We're basically a fly on the wall as Andrew apprentices Sohla...I LOVE IT. The most valuable education - expert knowledge from someone that has a deep understanding of their craft but doesn't take it too seriously. She always explains "why," and gives a range of "you're going for this, not this." It's really easy to learn from her. Can't wait for more!

  • kid Mokiii
    kid Mokiii

    Can’t wait for gaming with babish

  • smutz

    sohla's bob is absolutely stupendous. Her hair is positively luminous.

  • Annie Papciak
    Annie Papciak

    Spatchcocked my bird today with DULL shears...yikes but it got done. If Andrew can do it SO CAN YOU!

  • Seppia

    what kind of watch is Babby wearing? Rolex?

  • RJL

    :( I missed the live feed....

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business

    I wish the BCU would do a collab with Sortedfood I think Ben and Sohla would get along really great and it would be super fun.

  • Ben Kerr
    Ben Kerr

    Make Liam's Loaded Lasagna from I am Not Okay With This or I'll throw a fit :(

  • MatrixStuff

    andrew is so much more fun when he's not alone

  • eaglesclaws8

    Link in description is broken

  • Erica Hartmann
    Erica Hartmann

    Anyone catch the oven temp for the turkey? The website only lists the ingredients

    • Erica Hartmann
      Erica Hartmann

      @Ms Dew 12 pounds also! I checked some different culinary websites for the temp and just pulled it when the thermometer was reading safe.

    • Ms Dew
      Ms Dew

      @Erica Hartmann ooo what size did you have? Mine was around 12 and I needed 1.5 hours at the 450.

    • Erica Hartmann
      Erica Hartmann

      Cooked my first Turkey ever following this video, did end up doing it at 350 and it came out perfect after 2 hours. Thanks for the replies and the help!

    • Hanna

      @Ms Dew oh, thank you for correcting!

    • Ms Dew
      Ms Dew

      It’s actually 450. Not sure why they only posted ingredients on the blue moon site

  • T - Skater
    T - Skater

    I draw a realistic Turkey 😁✍🏽

  • Jordan Long
    Jordan Long

    Yay!!! I got here just in time! I love you guys! Thanks for all the great content and recipes.

  • Blooop

    Tbh it's not Thanksgiving in my house if the fire alarm doesn't go off

  • Ravi Bindra
    Ravi Bindra

    I’m only here by accident. But staying. What about sous-vide cooking the turkey first?

  • The V
    The V

    Awkward off the cuff babish is freaking adorable

  • The V
    The V

    When my mom says she hopes I meet a nice girl one day I imagine she means someone like sohla. I hope I do too

  • Jeff Bennett
    Jeff Bennett

    Could someone please tell me the temperature for the turkey? I can't seem to find where they mentioned it..

  • John Joo
    John Joo

    This is so entertaining. Babish is so much less calm on the livestream whereas Sohla gets even more chill.

  • Kal El
    Kal El

    blue moon is made at the coors plant.

  • Yuli Mercado
    Yuli Mercado

    Should I dry brine with salt 24hrs and then do the compound butter the day of, or both 24 hrs prior

  • Ben Mader
    Ben Mader

    If someone can add a recipe list, that would be super

  • Hantavirus Rat
    Hantavirus Rat

    Hey Babish, I know you already did South Park but here's one you should totally do, it's from the South Park game The Fractured But Whole and it's the Seven Layer Quesarrito Chipotle Beefy Nacho Supreme


    3:20 start here

  • Brian Lasley
    Brian Lasley

    Overseas military, thanks for making me feel like I'm (relatively) home!