Binging with Babish: Steak, Eggs and Gravy from Twister
Twister did more than make me briefly go through a phase of wanting to be a storm chaser - it showed me that with a durable enough pickup truck, you could easily drive directly through a four-bedroom house. It also made my stomach growl when Aunt Meg busted out the country cooking in her bohemian Oklahoman homestead: ribeyes with fried sunny-side-up eggs, mountains of fluffy mashed potatoes, and a rightfully famous gravy. And homemade lemonade, shit, I forgot the lemonade.
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • Babish Culinary Universe
    Babish Culinary Universe

    Food. Foood. FOOOD. FOOOOOD!

    • Nathan Pinell
      Nathan Pinell


    • J Waterstraw
      J Waterstraw

      yesss shouting out roc ny !

    • Faqih Shalih Ali
      Faqih Shalih Ali

      why is this reminding me of sasha :(

    • Eytan Chen
      Eytan Chen

      Do an episode with Steven Rinella? It will be awesome.

    • TheTsar1918

      In memory of Bill Paxton, too, man.

  • Andy Delgado
    Andy Delgado

    I hate celery

  • Jorge Yan
    Jorge Yan

    I would LOVE a breakfast like this everyday 😅

  • The Meat Man Ryan
    The Meat Man Ryan

    WHAT?!?!?!? NO MAKE IT BETTER?!?!?!?! 😑😢

  • Austin in Adventureland
    Austin in Adventureland

    My inner southerner is judging your gravy.

  • iliketrains0pwned

    I've got a friend who just graduated culinary school. The next time he whines about me using Gravy Master in my sauces, I'm gonna show him this: 3:53

  • Telegraphic Films
    Telegraphic Films

    The description of how nick offerman smells 😂😂😂

  • Thomas Lace
    Thomas Lace

    When making sauces, add hot rue to cold stock or cold rue to hot stock. This prevents a gritty sauce and possibly completely breaking it all together.

  • Lauren McKenna
    Lauren McKenna


  • Dimitris Kontor
    Dimitris Kontor

    Ppl who eat stake with gravy should be executed.

  • Robert Tamayo
    Robert Tamayo

    Something tells me you're a big nick offerman fan... cant quite put my finger on it though 🤔

  • amkamirin

    When I watch the movie when I was a kid, I always wonder how tasty that mash potato look too bad I cant taste it. (The closes thing that we have are from KFC and that is nothing compare to this.)\

  • Dominic Mejorada
    Dominic Mejorada

    Ah, the best scene of the movie!

  • Uday Paul
    Uday Paul

    I started making it in the morning now its dinner time

  • psykotikoutlaw

    This one is elite

  • fionagirl109

    if a man made this for me? LIKE THIS? he’s getting it

  • meme boi
    meme boi

    I like the red dead 2 video reference

  • John Andrews
    John Andrews

    You nailed that meal.

  • Lucas Rudd
    Lucas Rudd

    I wish i could eat that every morning

  • John Michael Cule
    John Michael Cule

    Oxtail is far too nice to waste on making stock. You could do an episode on recipies for what Americans think of as offal and unacceptable. Oxtail stew. Liver and Bacon. Devilled kidneys.

  • Alecsys Else
    Alecsys Else

    I swear to Bob if you threw those oxtails away Bab I will fight yee..... You can throw those in some greens or just eat them..... So many uses with soul food

  • Sheheryar Khan
    Sheheryar Khan

    of all the things that ive seen on this channel, this is the one im probably gonna make inshaAllah. Probably not for breakfast tho :/ and without the baconfat

  • Irrelevant

    Why woukd adding the eggs when meat was raw be bad. You guys are so sterile it's unbelievable

  • Hieroglyph777

    Great video.

  • Mini cooper
    Mini cooper

    Gravy and eggs ?

  • a derping cartoon cat
    a derping cartoon cat

    I loved that movie

  • Giant Asian sticker
    Giant Asian sticker

    Twister was pg13? Always thought it was a children’s movie

  • Cosmin Mihu
    Cosmin Mihu

    When I visited the US I had a breakfast similar to this at a popular diner in San Francisco. Even to this day it was the best breakfast i've ever had.

  • KingD101

    steak should be a part of every meal.

  • Lance Gideon Diokno
    Lance Gideon Diokno

    This isn't a breakfast This is breakfast lunch and dinner

  • TheTsar1918

    I have wanted this breakfast since the summer of 1996.

  • Grant Hawtree
    Grant Hawtree

    It’s not the breakfast of choice, it’s the breakfast of Swansons

  • 달과뒤moonandback

    Me making gravy: stock, flour, salt, garlic, pepper Babish making gravy: first you're gonna need 3 pounds of oxford meat-

  • JazzAK6969

    Babish, you mentioned Steve Rinella. You like Meat Eaters? PLEASE do a vid with him. Between the two of you I think there could be some epic game meat meals made. Say that 3 times fast.

  • Lil Burb
    Lil Burb

    This would be like a once a month celebration breakfast for me

  • Travis Vargas
    Travis Vargas

    It’s like watching a real life food wars

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar

    That was awesome!!!!!!!!😍

  • Brady Peake
    Brady Peake


  • Mark Bloom
    Mark Bloom

    I couldn’t stop looking at his beautiful watch


    I read the thumbnail as breakfast from twitter.

  • Logan MacNeil
    Logan MacNeil

    It took me way too long to figure out that my neighbors weren't stomping around while I was watching this.

  • elliot 9225
    elliot 9225


  • Zac Locke
    Zac Locke

    Also RIP Bill Paxton.

  • Asukablyat

    We are not invading my aunt

  • Jonathan Green
    Jonathan Green

    I'm so glad my family isn't the only one that does gravey master

  • Vincent Piatelli
    Vincent Piatelli

    I love this movie so much

  • George Blabbermouth
    George Blabbermouth

    How does this guy stay in shape feasting like a king

  • 3dgun

    I always knew gravy was terrible for you. This just teaches me why.

  • Jessica Cejnar
    Jessica Cejnar

    Hehe I went through the Twister "I wanna be a storm chaser too" phase myself. I think that breakfast just paralyzed my heart though.

  • rebecca Thumper
    rebecca Thumper

    I'm Still Looking For That Steak ...👍😎😎

  • SAE

    I'm definitely making this

  • Ye FG
    Ye FG

    Rip Bill Paxton

  • Pratik Chaudri
    Pratik Chaudri

    As much as I admire the efforts I don't think that when the characters were making the dish in the movie ,they were not exactly so careful in the process , it's just a hearty family meal.

  • Jordan Flores
    Jordan Flores

    That’s hot

  • lemoose1000

    You forgot the biscuits!!!!!

  • James R
    James R

    I appreciate the Steven Rinella shout out there lol

  • Rhea Sherring
    Rhea Sherring

    You should try out one of the recipes from the apple tv shoe 'The Servant '!!!

  • Samuel Colbourne
    Samuel Colbourne

    You forgot about Bill Paxton too. R.I.P.

  • Timmah200

    RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

  • Jay P
    Jay P

    Breakfast of champions!

  • Spoopy D.
    Spoopy D.

    Wh- what's with the thumping??

    • Mr. Squid
      Mr. Squid

      Glad I'm not the only one who noticed...

  • Kashi Kagë
    Kashi Kagë

    0:36 Nice callback to your *Red Dead Redemption* Episode lol 😂

    • Kashi Kagë
      Kashi Kagë

      Or do you just always say that?? 🤔

  • Mama Z's Texas Kitchen
    Mama Z's Texas Kitchen

    Best movie I have to go watch Twister...LOL

  • Ethanw04

    I misread twister as twitter lol.

  • notimeremains

    dont cut you potatoes so small bigger potatoes will absorb less water

  • atomic mama
    atomic mama

    did you see my cows in the front yard? no. ooooooh! oh!

  • Z

    All of this for breakfast?

  • Ian Foley
    Ian Foley

    Ain’t a stew without celery?hmm,anyone think another red dead episode or just a reference(probably a reference)

  • Valdazed88

    Ladle-able is now in it's own word group

  • Barbutt

    Every week or 3 I get prime rib 3 egg over Easy home fry wheat toast at local breakfast stop

  • Vino

    It was the best ever food I've seen on movie and I didn't expect there is a youtube channel describing it haha

  • symbian

    Something I saw in the movie and never thought I'd be able to make. Well at least I saw it made. :)

  • Txcty Immortal
    Txcty Immortal

    If you do a basics episode for lobster or crab, can you cover how to take imitation crab to the next level for people who maybe cant afford the real stuff?

  • VelvetMidnight


  • EmbersFallen

    Dude... You just ruined it with the tomato paste. So not necessary.

  • Outlawpaul02

    Will someone make this for me?

  • kid in basement
    kid in basement

    Can y'all hear the stomping like someone is running around

  • Osmond Go
    Osmond Go

    I'd marry anyone who'd make breakfast like this for me.

  • OntarioStorms

    Did Babish not realize Paxton passed away during a surgery years before this was filmed?

  • John Gilmer
    John Gilmer

    01:13 I was watching this video with headphones on and thought someone was knocking at my door.

    • Greedy F2P
      Greedy F2P

      The sound freaked me out lol

  • Jim Hammond
    Jim Hammond

    Very nice

  • Chuck Borris
    Chuck Borris

    demi-glass lol

  • trueblak1

    This looks delicious. I want this meal for the rest of my life 😍

  • D G
    D G

    Thank you I am happy to see

  • Zalachaen

    thats not breakfast at all.

  • TheLadySilverMoon

    That looks os delicious but could not eat that for breakfast, that's dinner for me.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Rochester desperately needs you back! Come Home

  • FN Anderson
    FN Anderson

    Ive never seen you go in on a finished product the way you did with this one at the end. Or maby i just havent watched enough of your vids. And btw i just farted

  • Emergency Food
    Emergency Food

    Did anyone notice the nod he did to his episode red dead redemption?

  • Ross Walsh
    Ross Walsh

    The straight servant methodologically crush because star greely force without a skillful north. male, uneven father

  • Obsidiok

    Twister is a movie I've loved since I was a small kid. The breakfast scene in Twister always made me hungry

  • Jennafur Diya Hareeya
    Jennafur Diya Hareeya

    Id make a terrible mess of the table with all that food spilling off the plate, but I dont care. Leave the mess for someone else to clean up!

  • Bill Abernathy
    Bill Abernathy

    “Steak and eggs and eggs and steak That’s what you should have for breakfast delicious”

  • Cheyenne Jasmine
    Cheyenne Jasmine

    I followed this recipe last week and it was PHENOMENAL. I of course watched Twister whilst eating it. People, you need to try this.

  • Claude Rodrigue
    Claude Rodrigue

    Did anyone send this to Rinella?

  • Alyssa Seniuk
    Alyssa Seniuk

    I watched this movie ALL THE TIME when I was a little kid

  • Nick Pratt
    Nick Pratt

    This is the movie that got me into weather. Sadly (but fortunately) have not seen a tornado. Its on my wishlist though.

  • LittleBoiTM

    0:36 guess he’s still got some Arther in him

  • Johan Salter
    Johan Salter

    Why do I watch this when I'm hungry....

  • Doc Dug
    Doc Dug

    Mmmmmm M